1. How do open an account?

You avail us with 3 passport size photos Ten thousand shillings 10000/ for minimum share balance. 5000/ registration fee. 5000/ minimum balance on saving account. 5000/ for passbook fees.

2. What are perquisites for loan?

Open an account Fill an application form 2 guarantors (they should be members) Collateral security.

3. What are the loan fees to be deducted?

Loan processing fees Loan insurance fees

4. What are shares?

A share is capital invested into the society to reward you with dividens at the end of every financial year and also earn you ownership and voting rights in the society.

5. Why should I buy shares?

Shares are another way of saving and investment as each year shares earn dividends and they can be sold to recover your money. Shares capitalize the society which in turn reduces the interest rate at which members borrow.

The Team

Meet the great people who work hard in LWEDE SACCO

Kibuuka Mbaaga Kizito


Asimmwe Charles

General manger

Ssekyali Nicolas


Nambi Sarah

Credit officer

Lubega simon

Credit officer

Nakanwagi milly


Namiggo Maria

Support staff.

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